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About Siberians. . .

We have included some of the basic personality traits of a Siberian Husky on this page.  Please make sure you do your research on this breed before you buy/adopt one.  They are not like other dogs.  Check out our "Helpful Links" page for websites that contain valuable information on this breed. While huskies are not wolves, they do share many personality quirks with their cousins.  We recommend the book Siberian Huskies for Dummies by Diane Morgan.  You can buy it on Amazon for under $12.00.

***Special Note***
These dogs are not at all like the "direwolves" that are portrayed on Game of Thrones.  Yes, they can look majestic and regal, however, they are high energy fluffy balls of shedding fur, and should not be expected to look regal as a couch ornament. They are not fierce protectors, and they likely won't take out a White Walker. Please don't get one of these dogs as a status symbol or because you saw them on HBO or on Snow Dogs, Eight Below, White Fang, Call of the Wild, etc and want them only because of how awesome they look.  To raise them correctly, you will need to devote a large portion of your time and energy in to properly training and grooming them. 

1.  Siberians are gentle souls.  They love to give love, and they love to receive love. "It's all about me..." 

2.  Siberians are loyal.  They love their families and want to be an important member of it.  They need to be included in the day to day life of their families. Want to cuddle on the couch with your significant other?  Make room for the husky.  

3.  Siberians are silly.  Siberians have a wonderful sense of humor to the point of being smart-asses.  This includes pulling pranks on their owners, other dogs, neighbors, etc.  I have a friend whose Siberian smacks her on the butt every time she passes by. 

4.  Siberians are playful.  They are ready to go for a romp anytime.

5.  Siberians are high energy.  See above, or they may take themselves out without you.

6.  Siberians are social.  They want to be included in everything.  They love having other dogs as company.  Raising them to be social is very important.

7.  Siberians are intelligent.  This means they get bored easily.  If left alone, they will solve the puzzle of how to open the oven door, use the oven door to jump on the counter and get the cookies you thought you had secretly stashed on top of the refrigerator.  They are good a figuring out other various mysteries of the universe too.  Siberian owners sometimes feel as though their dog is smarter than they are.  We have a bumper sticker that says "Your Honor Student is Merely a Pawn in Our Siberian Husky's World Domination Plot."  We definitely believe this is true in many cases!

8.  Siberians are possesive.  Everything, including you, is considered theirs and subject to their whims.  (See the below graphic.) 

9. Siberians love to dig.  "Let's see if we can find Australia today!"

10.  Siberians know they are beautiful.  You must remind them daily that you agree with them.  

11.  Siberians are willful.  A lot of dog trainers won't touch this breed because they say they are untrainable, when in truth, it's because the Sibe has decided the trainer is stupid.  If they don't want to do it, then chances are they aren't going to.  


12. Siberians are determined.  If they see something they want, keep in mind number 7.  Everything belongs to them.

13.  Siberians are vocal.  They make for great conversation...especially at 3 in the morning!  If you do not want a dog that likes to howl and talk with you, then DO NOT ADOPT/PURCHASE A SIBERIAN.  Neighbors won't be as appreciative of a loud dog in an apartment as you think they will.

14. Siberians are NOT watchdogs.  They will most likely help a thief in the night pack up all your stuff, but they may let you know someone new is around.

The following graphic is posted in regards to # 7. 

You Know You Own a Siberian Husky When...

  • Wearing solid black is a thing of the past
  • You know what nightly "zoomies" are
  • Your furniture becomes a jungle gym or ladders to forbidden stashes
  • A new squeaky toy only lasts 5.4 seconds
  • Going to the bathroom alone is a thing of the past
  • Showers are necessary unless you want to take a bath with your Siberian
  • You get pounced when you lay down for a nap
  • You fake cough or sneeze really loud to mask opening food wrapped in cellophane
  • Your vacuum cleaner stays out at all times
  • Fur becomes both a condiment AND a fashion accessory
  • You wake up with a Siberian on your head and it's considered "normal"
  • You are gone for 5 minutes and they treat you as if you've been gone for years
  • You walk around your yard looking for "in progress" escape tunnels to China
  • Everyone in your neighborhood knows when you get home because you are welcomed with the song of their people
  • You consider buying a gas mask for their flatulence
  • When the prettiest thing in the flowerbed is the Siberian because he/she took out the competition
  • You could've swore you had a sandwich on the counter a second ago...
  • When the neighbors think you're killing an animal when all you're trying to do is put on a leash
  • You keep lint rollers on hand for company when they leave
  • When fur rolls around the yard like tumbleweed
  • Your baby's first words are "wooooooo" instead of "Mama" or "Dada"
  • When you take your dog to the vet and everyone oohs and ahhs over the "wolf"
  • People walking their little dogs will pick them up and cross to the other side of the street to keep them away from the "wolf."

    If all this sounds fun, you might be ready for a Siberian!

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