Hells Hollow Huskies

AKC & UKC Siberian Huskies

Policies & Procedures

Thank you for your interest in our puppies.  This page outlines what we will do for you and what we expect from you.

We do not breed for quantity.  We breed for quality, healthy, happy Siberians.  Our breeding dogs are chosen for their temperament and their attributes to the breed - and most definitely NOT for eye color.  We love them for who they are.  They are our family.

How to get one of our precious puppies. . .

Our process is straight forward and simple:

1.  Fill out a puppy application.  This enables us to get to know a little about you, as well as what you are looking for.  We are quick about approving them and you'll hear from us if we do.  If you don't hear from us,then we most likely feel you are not ready. 
No application = NO health guarantee.  If you aren't willing to let us know how our puppy will be taken care of, we will definitely NOT guarantee their health.  To validate your health guarantee, you must have your puppy checked within 72 hours* by a licensed veterinarian and send us the results to validate it.  To see a copy of the health guarantee prior to picking up your puppy, please email me and I will forward it to you. 

*(We give 72 hours because most puppies leave on a weekend.  Don't argue with me that you can't get an appointment within 72 hours AFTER you pick up your puppy on a Saturday and need more time - if you know you are getting your puppy on a certain date, make your appointment in ADVANCE. We do NOT accept excuses.  - Our guarantee also covers genetic defects that will result in the death of a puppy ONLY, not worms, not mites, not fleas, or anything else of that nature, so if you want to complain after having the puppy for a month after he/she leaves because it picked up worms again, then you are going to get fussed at by us for not keeping up with wormings.)  

If you have no intention of following through with the health agreement, that is your choice. 

This page gives you info on veterinary visits for your new puppy.  Veterinary Info

We do expect you to ask good questions (before and after pick-up) - especially if you've never had a Siberian before.

2.  Let us know which puppy or which breeding pair you would like to wait on.  We'll tell you how high you are on the list if you are waiting on a particular breeding.  If you are looking for a color, we'll tell you what the chances are for getting it.  We go by colors on our dogs' pedigrees when deciding who will most likely throw a particular color - it isn't an exact science. 

3.  Once puppies arrive, we will contact you.  We are more than happy to get emails that inquire about the health of our ladies during pregnancy, so don't be afraid to ask.  OR  If puppies are already here, we'll tell you what we have available. 

4.  We are happy to share pictures of our newborns.  We ask those on the waiting list to get an idea of which one they are interested in the most, along with a second option in case the person ahead of you chooses it.

5.  Once puppies are determined healthy, we begin taking deposits on the babies. People on our waiting list have 1st option in order - after that, all puppies are sold on a 1st come 1st served basis. We no longer allow visitors before puppies are vaccinated (one family ruined it for everybody).  If you are high on the waiting list but want to choose your puppy in person, let us know. We will open choosing to those behind you in line, and you can choose when the puppies are vaccinated - (sometimes there aren't any left to choose).  I know this is inconvenient, but the last family came straight from another kennel and infected my puppies with parvo unknowingly, and I am not going through that again. Sorry! You are more than welcome to call and verify with my veterinarians if you have any questions about how we take care of our furry kids.  Ocoee Animal Hospital is 706-632-7387, and Copper Basin Vet Clinic is 706-492-4234.


6.  We send updated pictures (usually at least 15 or so pictures) per week and share little stories about what your puppy is doing each week so you can watch him or her grow up. 

7.  When the puppies are ready to leave we will schedule a time to meet with you for you to pick up your new loved one.  You are required pay the remaining balance at pick-up.  Please check out our Pick-up page for options.

What you get from us:

1.  Weekly communication and pictures of what your puppy is doing at that time.

2.  At the time of pick-up you will receive:

  • Registration application for the AKC OR CKC.  If applicable, both.
  • A kit with helpful information to make the transition from our home to yours a little smoother.
  • Shot/worm record:  This has all the information for what we've done to the puppy while in our care.
  • Your puppy comes microchipped through AKC Reunite.
  • A 2 year genetic health guarantee for those who have filled out the application, AND met the 72 hour requirement. 
  • At least 2 toys:  Adult Sibes don't play with them much, but your puppy will have them shredded quickly as they are teething.
  • A small sample of Puppy Food. We feed Diamond Puppy.  You can use a store locator on www.diamondpet.com to find a location near you.
  • Last but not least:  A very adorable Siberian puppy who loves to give kisses.
Special Note:  The "Puppy Deposit" page is password protected.  That page is designated for paying the deposit - once your application is approved and we are accepting deposits on a litter, we will pass along the info to get into that page to make the deposit.  This helps me keep people from trying to "jump" line. 

Extremely Important Information

Pick-up details have been moved to its own page to save space.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  Thanks!

**Unfortunately, we have been through the ringer this year with a few bad customers, so we have found it necessary to publish the following.**



If you are interested in one of our babies, we ask that you fill out a puppy application, even if you have looked at our ad in the newspaper, or on www.puppyfind.com, or found us on the web.  Thank you!

No written information or pictures contained herein on this website may be reproduced, copied, or taken in whole or in part without the expressed, written permission of Hells Hollow Huskies!