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Picking Up Your Puppy

We try to accommodate as best as we can when it's time for pick-up.  We prefer to meet the pup's new people in person. 

Please read carefully.  Thanks!


Here's why:  We cannot do it at an affordable price for everyone.  We can't do it for less than $450 - $500+ depending on which airline we have to use. Sometimes more depending on your state of residence. And YES those charges would be yours. We are over 2 hours away from a major airport, and it just isn't feasible for us. I refuse to hand my puppy to an overland shipper and force the puppy to ride in a small cage for 3 or more days.

Trying to spend 15 minutes or more of my time on the phone trying to talk me into it will still get you a "No."  

WE WANT TO MEET NEW OWNERS IN PERSON & SEE HOW THE PUPPY INTERACTS WITH THE NEW PROSPECTIVE OWNERS.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but they are worth the drive!  (...and don't you want to interact with the puppy before he/she goes home with you???)

It kind of defeats the purpose of purchasing said puppy if you have to pay for the pup twice before you even meet him/her, doesn't it?  What if the pup doesn't like you?  What then?  I have seen it happen - I don't recommend it.



We really prefer meeting new owners in person.  We want to know what kind of home our babies are going to before they leave here.

PICK UPS ARE USUALLY DONE ON WEEKENDS THROUGH THE SCHOOL YEAR.  I HAVE KIDS AND I TEACH.  If weekends don't work into your schedule, I need to know ahead of time so we can plan for an evening. Also, we don't "home deliver" puppies.  Neutral locations only. 

If you are driving to meet us to pick up a puppy, we can meet you in one of the following locations for no additional charge.  It will save you up to 2 hours of driving time depending on the direction you are coming from. 

  • Ellijay, GA

  • Blairsville, GA

  • Cleveland, TN

  • Benton, TN

  • Tellico Plains, TN

  • Murphy, NC

    If you need us to meet you further out than that, we will charge a minimum of $40 to cover our gas and time per 50 miles.  No exceptions.  (Prices are subject to change due to gas prices.) 

    For example:  If you want us to meet you at... 

  • Jasper, GA = $30

  • Dalton, GA = $60

  • Chatsworth, GA = $40

  • Hiwassee, GA = $40

  • Clayton, GA = $80 - (in Rabun County, NOT Clayton County!)steep winding mountain road

  • Canton, GA = $40

  • Kennesaw, GA = $60

  • Chattanooga, TN = $50

  • Madisonville, TN = $40

  • Maryville, TN = $60

  • Sweetwater, TN = $50

  • Andrews, NC = $40

  • Bryson City, NC = $50

  • Waynesville/Sylva, NC = $60

Why do we charge for pick-up when we must drive further to meet you?  Because it's my time, my gas, my vehicle (wear & tear), & my kids in the back-seat.  If you are driving from a LONG way, like New Jersey,  I am more than willing to work with you for the puppy you want. 

F/Y/I: For long trips, the delivery fees must be paid in advance, and are done on weekends ONLY. The absolute furthest we will go:

  • Hickory, NC (all day on the road for us 8+ hours round trip) $250

  • Nashville, TN (all day on the road for us 8+ hours round trip) $250

  • Kingsport, TN (all day on the road for us 9+ hours round trip) $250

  • Griffin, GA - (all day on the road sitting in Atlanta traffic) $300 - I HATE driving in Atlanta traffic, and I charge extra for going through it. No thanks.

If you want to meet closer than these locations, but further out than where we go for free, email me and I will quote you a price. No home deliveries. 

Puppies are to be picked up at 8-9 weeks of age. Arrangements must be made at the time of deposit if we need to hold on to your puppy for longer.  We will not hold any puppy longer than 12 weeks of age, and new owners will be assessed a kennel fee of $10 per day beginning the day after the puppy turns 9 weeks old, and $15 for each additional booster shot.

If we have tried to set up pick-up with you on 3 different occasions, and we don't hear from you, we will not try again. We will consider you no longer interested and put the puppy up for sale - and your deposit will be forfeit.  If something happens (up to 72 hours before pick-up) that causes you to not be able to get your puppy, let me know.  We will try to work with you.  If you just ignore us, we will return the favor, but not your deposit.

ALL AKC registered puppies are sold as PET ONLY unless an agreement is arranged prior to pick-up.  It is strongly encouraged to spay & neuter your animals. 

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