Hells Hollow Huskies

AKC & UKC Siberian Huskies

We have several other pack members who are just as important and worth mentioning.  The family would not be complete without them too.  So this page is dedicated to them. 

Hells Hollow's All That Jazz

We love our Jazzy Boy.  Jazz was originally sold, but came back us when his owner fell on difficult times.  As the grandson of our late Nightshade Miracle, he has been the one that has looked the most like her.  He's a sweetheart of a man, but I'm telling ya, his coat has been a pain to keep up with.  When you tell me you want a woolly husky, you are really going to have to keep up with the coat, or you'll end up with a matted mess.  Jazzy takes several hours over several sessions. 

Wraith Whispers of Nightshade

Call Name:  Wraith (prounounced Ray-th) or Ray Ray
Color:  Black, Gray, and White
Eyes:  Blue
DOB:  August 24, 2006
Registration: CKC

Wraith is a beautiful lady, and it is easy to see both her mother Shade, and her father Gremlin in her looks. She had originally been sold, but she came back home to live with us when she was 8 months old.  She is super sweet, and just a little sneaky. She loves to talk and get her daily biscuit.  View her pedigree here.  Click on Wraith's picture to see her past puppies!  Wraith was a wonderful mother, and we are very proud to say she never lost a puppy out of the 3 litters she ever had.  We decided to retire her from our breeding program while we were in process of downsizing.  She pined after each litter left her for weeks at a time (making me sit and cry with her), and we just couldn't bear to ask her (or me!) to do it again.  (Don't tell me these furry children don't have feelings!)   I am leaving the link to her pedigree up for those of you out there who have her babies - and if you are one of those people, I'd really love to see some pictures - hint, hint!  

BeeBee Gunn

BeeBee is obviously not a husky!  She is a Basset Hound.  My husband brought her home from a trip to North Carolina a few weeks after we lost my Oreo in July '12.  Although she was a cute puppy, BeeBee was a very, very sick little girl! BeeBee needed lots of TLC (and vet visits!) to get her healthy. BeeBee loves squeaky toys, and squeaks most of her waking hours. She tends to get upset if any of the Siberians try to kill her precious squeakers. 


We liked BeeBee so much we thought it'd be cool for BeeBee to have a friend.  After a road trip to KY in April of 2015, we brought home Maple.  Maple is a sweet, over-exuberant, bull in a china shop, bundle of mess.  She is convinced she's still an itty bitty puppy, not a 60 pound behemoth that leaves bruises on our thighs when she swings her big ol' booty around on the couch to get comfortable.  Even so, we love her, and she's great to cuddle with and keep me warmer than I want to be. She is definitely a world different than her "sister." 

Kayla's Midget Maggie

This is Maggie.  She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (the kind with no tail).  She was a compromise between us and our daughter, because we wanted a bigger dog than a miniature daschund, and she wanted a smaller dog.  I am not a big fan of the smaller breeds, mainly because they yap so much.  Maggie is a sweet young lady overall, and has what we call "Big Dog Syndrome" which basically means that she's a large dog trapped inside a small body.  We were told by Maggie's breeders that she would reach 30 pounds as an adult.  She never quite made it.  I have nicknamed her "Low-Rider", and my son has nicknamed her "Loudmouth."  Either way, she and Kayla have a great bond, and they suit each other well. 


Queso was rescued along with Salsa on the side of the 4 lane.  We honestly didn't think he'd make it.  He is a little deformed - he has a naturally bobbed tail, and a total of no less than 27 toes.  He took to my husband quickly, and is always good to sit between him and the computer screen.  He is best friends with Jedda, and can be found napping with his face planted in her armpits.  We've never seen anything like it.


Diablo got into my car down at work one day and settled in on my jacket to take a nap.  Several of his litter mates had been dumped out along with him, and were adopted by some of my co-workers.  I couldn't help but take him home (I'm really NOT a cat person, but I'm a sucker for homeless critters. I wanted to name him Frijoles (Salsa - Queso - Frijoles - thought it'd be cool to have the makings of a taco salad haha), but I was overruled and the name Diablo stuck. Diablo usually stays out of everyone's way, but we've noticed that he tends to wag his tail like a dog. He never opens his eyes for pictures - apparently the camera is something "evil" haha. 


I have always hesitated to put Fancy's picture up, just mainly because there are so many snake haters out there. However, it's our website, and she is a part of the pack all the same. Fancy is a ball python.  She has spent time in classrooms educating children about snakes & reptiles.  We got Fancy as a baby in 2003, and she has reached her full length of 6 feet.  Fancy enjoys slithering in the yard (with supervision) and a nice juicy rat to squeeze.


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