Hells Hollow Huskies

AKC & UKC Siberian Huskies

In Fond and Loving Memory

This page is dedicated to the family members we've lost along the way.  We have had our share of tragedies, and they have been difficult for all to deal with.  We know we will see them again someday, but it is difficult going through life without their happy howling.

Titan Topaz Thunder - 7/16/2009 - 12/7/2018

Tacoma's partner in crime Titan - aka "Sweet Tea Stealing Goofy Goober" earned his harness almost two weeks after his best buddy Tacoma.  While not quite as old as Tacoma, he started grieving for his lost friend, and our family has taken a second hard hit here at the holidays.  We are certainly going to miss both our sweet guys and their shenanigans.  Somebody better hide the sweet tea up in heaven, 'cause Titan will find it and drink it, but if it's heaven, I hope he gets all the sweet tea his heart desires. 

Tacoma's Solemn Shadow - 11/15/2005 - 11/23/2018

From the moment we brought Tacoma home, he filled our home and hearts with his spirit.  He never gave us less than his best.  There are so many wonderful things and memories to say about Tacoma that I could write a very lengthy page.  His age began taking a toll towards the end of August, and we stayed by his side as much as possible as his health began declining. Finally, he let us know it was time to go. He stayed with us until Thanksgiving and we stood by his side as he earned his silver harness the following day.  

Lauren's Sasha Soda Pop 2/19/2001 - 11/25/2016

To say our Thanksgiving sucked in 2016 is an understatement.  Sasha - who has been Lauren's best buddy since she was 2 and a half - she climbed in Lauren's lap as a puppy, and those two never looked back.  I never had to worry about where Lauren was when she was outside, because Sasha was always there.  Lauren would skip across the yard, and Sasha would be bunny hopping behind her. Two peas in a pod is the best way to describe it.  
Many a fun filled year passed until Sasha started developing a tumor the  spring of 2016. She went to the vet on a couple of different occasions, because we kept trying to see if it could be removed.  It could be drained, but it rapidly became bigger and bigger.  Our veterinarians couldn't/wouldn't risk her for surgery, because at her advanced age, her heart was just not healthy enough for it.  The tumor had wrapped around her spine, and they feared one wrong move would either paralyze her, or that her heart was so bad she wouldn't wake up.  We waited as long as we could, but the tumor began affecting her balance, causing her to fall and be in pain.  Because of her health issues, pain medication wasn't an option as it would have caused her kidneys to fail. It began to be evident that to keep her here longer was just being selfish on our part. I am positive that Sasha bunny hopped all the way across the Rainbow Bridge, where she will watch over Lauren from on high.  

Hells Hollow's Jedda's Southern Song 1/04/2008 - 11/25/2016 

Jedda - oh our sweetest baby.  We weren't ready to part with our honorary Marine so soon.  In October, our girl started coughing.  We thought it was due to the Cohutta Wildfire that kept filling the holler with smoke - all of us were suffering with the incessant smoke.  When the fire was nearly out, she continued to cough and so we went to the vet.  It was not due to fire - she was coughing because she had not one, but 5 cancerous tumors filling up her lungs. There was nothing anybody could do.  Our vet recommended immediate euthanasia, but agreed to let us take her home for 48 hours on heavy medication so she could enjoy one last Thanksgiving. She received a big plate full of all the stuff we would normally never allow her have and we packed as much love as we possibly could in what was an incredibly short amount of time.  Then, as a family, we stood by her side as she received her silver harness.  

Tink's Whiny Gremlin - 11/5/04 - 08/15/15

Gremlin was my lead man for well over a decade.  He was the self proclaimed "King of the Mountain," and didn't mind at all helping out around the house.  He was always first to greet us and give us hugs when we arrived home and gave us more love than we believed possible.  He was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2015, and it spread so quickly over the summer we came to the point we could no longer give him a quality life without pain within 2 and a half too short months.  He was laid to rest peacefully with his family and pack in attendance - and if you believe other dogs don't care, you would be wrong.  There was complete silence on the mountain until we buried him, and once he was buried every Siberian here lifted their noses to the sky and howled him to heaven.  I'm sure he's in heaven feeling like a million bucks again now and regaling Phantom, Shade, and Tornado with stories. 


Happy was a rescue that came to us in the summer of 2011.  She came to us at 6 months old with no hair at all - she was nothing but skin and bones.  Happy came at a rough time in my life, and we ended up nursing each other back to health.  I totally adored her, and much to my husband's amusement, she and I had a daily dance we would do.  I'd look at her, she'd look at me, and we'd run at each other, with her jumping into my arms.  Sadly, Happy was killed on 3/29/2015 by someone from out of town who thought he was killing a coyote - the neon pink collar should've been a clue - but some people are just stupid. Happy was happy 24/7.  I could always count on her to brighten my day.  I'm going to miss my precious girl, but I know without a doubt that this girl earned her silver harness, and I look forward to dancing with her again someday.

Odin's Dirty Blizzard

Odin was a wonderful guy.  He was my shadow and kept me safe (at least in his mind).  He followed us wherever we went.  He will be sorely missed, but his legacy will live on.  Odin earned his silver harness on October 27th, 2014. 

Smoky Mountain Silver Sprite - "Sprite"

Sprite was a sweet girl who loved to be the center of attention.  She always cocked her head and amused us with ballerina prances around the yard.  Sprite had a special place in our morale support group.  Sprite wasn't a breeding female due to paralyzing seizures.  She gave us 7 and a half wonderful years before the "big one" finally took her from us. Sprite crossed the Rainbow Bridge and earned her silver harness July 4th, 2014. 


We lost our dear, sweet Echo in the wee hours of the morning on 7/22/13.  With an unnaturally wet July, the tree shading her doghouse just couldn't stay embedded in the mountain.  Sadly, she was in her home when the tree came crashing down.  From Echo, I learned the value of humility.  Echo, we learned a lot from you.  You were more than husky enough to earn your silver harness.  Thanks for everything girl. 


No, Hairy wasn't a dog, a cat, or anything else warm blooded, but we had Hairy for 9 years.  We considered him family too - just because he was creepy crawly doesn't mean he and his kind shouldn't have a place in this world.  Hairy was an exceptional arachnid, and we're gonna miss his silent presence.  I hope you enjoy the big spider web in the sky.


Oreo was my best number one baby girl.  A border collie mix, she was rescued in Guam in 1995 and flown to the states because I couldn't bear to part with her when it was time to come back home. Oreo stayed by my side through thick & thin. Oreo saved my son from a fall off the couch as a baby, and she rescued my dad when he fell by knowing to get help. After all these years, I knew her time was getting short, but I still wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to my baby girl. Seventeen and a half years was not long enough for me.  I've always considered her the oldest of my kiddos. Rest well sweet baby girl, you've earned it. 

March 1995 - July 13, 2012.

Nightshade Miracle

There are no words to describe the loss we feel at losing our dear Shady Lady.  Shade was a wonderful, beautiful girl.  She helped us teach school children the importance of owning pets, and helping introduce literary works such as Call of the Wild and White Fang.  She thrived on the special attention she received.  We lost our precious girl in May 2012.  She is Jazz's grandmother, and the last of our founding females. 

"I hate grooming day!"

This is our favorite picture of our Shady Lady.


  • Loki was a wonderful boy.  He was super sweet, and always happy to see us, even if we were only gone for a few minutes.  We miss you sweet boy. 



My poor, poor little man.  Kiba was one of our precious puppies born here at HHH.  He was pampered and very loved, like all of our puppies, but his playful antics had a special place in my heart. He was purchased by a couple who we felt would be a good home for him, but after about 18 months, they called us to take him back. When we picked him up, he had on a double-pronged choke chain, and wouldn't let anyone touch him near his neck.  The collar had been used to strangle him while they were beating him for punishment.  His reactions said that he'd been cornered, beaten, and whenever he fought back out of self-preservation, beaten even more -- his owners admitted to all of this! Assholes! We had to sedate him to remove the collar, and we spent many months making every effort to rehabilitate him and teach him to trust people again.  It broke our hearts watching him panic at the sight of falling snow - something every Siberian should love.  It was our hope that the lovable, playful puppy he had been could overcome the abuse he'd suffered.  Sadly, he was unable to recuperate, and we had to make the horrible decision to put him to sleep for fear of him attacking people, children, or other dogs who might make sudden movements or otherwise make him feel nervous.  A Siberian is a gentle soul, and unfortunately he'd been tortured beyond the limits of his endurance.   It is my prayer that my little man has now found the peace, comfort, and love that was denied him in life by his former owners. It is our hope that by posting his story that someone out there will stop, think, and maybe learn something from this.  Kiba's tradgedy is a main reason we now screen prospective owners through puppy applications.  I am posting Kiba's puppy picture, because I want to remember him as the sweet little guy he once was, not what he was forced to become.  We apologize little man, that our misjudgment cost you so dearly, and your loss weighs heavy in our hearts.


Phantom was my irreplaceable right hand lady.  She went on tour with me throughout the North Georgia area helping to educate students about pet wellfare.  She was always around when I needed her, and she is badly missed.  Phantom died shortly following an emergency C-section, leaving behind a litter of nine who despite our best efforts at bottlefeeding and surrogate mothering began dying one by one.  We like to think she's in heaven trying to keep her babies from chewing on the angels.  Phantom died June 26, 2006.  Taiga and Hope were her daughters.



June 26, 2006 - February 26, 2009

Hope was the sole survivor of Phantom's last ill-fated litter.  She was the only one that thrived on the bottle.   She was our precious, precious miracle puppy.  We were truly blessed with a gift beyond measure.  Sadly, since she didn't receive the precious colostrum from her mother, she was left with a weak immune system and developed a severe case of demodex that no amount of medicine, vet visits, or dips could cure.  We made the extremely difficult decision to end her suffering and give her back to God.  We know that she is now reunited with her parents, Phantom and Tornado, and is running free and happy in heaven.  We love you and miss you precious Hope.  Wear your silver harness with pride as you fly amongst the stars.


Tornado was a one of a kind husky, and died a senseless and needless death.  He was out running, and stopped to stare at a neighbor of mine who believes the only good dogs are hunting dogs, and gave Tornado a bullet to the brain, and then hauled him off and dumped the body thinking we wouldn't know.  (When asked what Tornado's crime was, he said he was staring at him. I convinced him to bring back the body for burial - we won't say how...) Tornado was what we called the 'caretaker' of the pack.  He taught all the little ones not to go potty in the yard, and always knew when I needed a hug and would put his head on my shoulder when I would sit on the porch.  He taught all the puppies; not just his, how to play.  He was quiet and shy around other people, often unnerving them with his soulful stare.  I'm sure Tornado is with Phantom helping her manage his children and teaching them how to fly and hiding halos.  Tornado died the morning of August 12th, 2006. 

Looks dangerous, doesn't he?     

Taiga Ivory Skye

Taiga was a wonderful, sweet and loving lady.  She had her mother's beautiful personality and eyes.  She is missed by all.  She died September 24, 2008 from sudden and very unexpected heart failure.  Tell Phantom hello for us sweet baby.  We'll see you again. 



Mina is one of the main reasons we have HHHuskies.  Mina had a rough start in life, and was rescued from a puppy mill located in Benton, TN.  Sadly, she did not survive puppyhood due to the poor nutrition and living conditions she received before she came to us.  It is because of her that we strive to educate those around us about the many wonderful attributes of the husky and to make sure all huskies that come through us have the BEST start we can possibly give them.  Our baby may be gone, but she is far from forgotten.