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Check out this site to see if your life is compatible with owning a Siberian!

The Speaking Siberian from Purina Petcentric!

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GreatDogSite.com provides comprehensive, in-depth Siberian Husky dog information and covers over 700 dogs.

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Our veterinarians, Dr. Fran Miske, Dr. Philip Arnall, Dr. Zager, & Dr. Deanna Belyeu work with their awesome staff at Ocoee Animal Hospital and provide excellent care for animals both large and small!

Ocoee Animal Hospital

Breeder Friends

 Miranda Bennett
(where Gremlin, Loki, Wildfire, & Cinder are from!)
Smiles and Paws Kennel

Ashleigh Kelly
(Where Pepper is from!)
White's Creek Huskies