Hells Hollow Huskies

AKC & CKC Siberian Huskies

We are very proud of our ladies.  Almost all of them have proven themselves to be loving and attentive mothers. (We still have a couple of ladies that haven't had puppies yet!) To see past puppies from a particular female, please click their pictures. 

Hells Hollow's Cherokee Princess

  • Call Name:  Trahlyta
  • DOB:  May 29th, 2014
  • Color:  Red & White
  • Eye color: Amber/Gold
  • Registration:  AKC, CKC

The name Trahlyta comes from a Cherokee "Princess" whose beauty was like no other.  (Google it)  Our Trahlyta is beautiful as well.  She is the daughter of Titan and Tempest.  You can view her pedigree here. She is a wonderful girl.  She likes to spend her days much like her mother Tempest - up on the dog house surveying her kingdom.  

Hells Hollow's Fuzzy Fizzgig

Call Name:  Fizzy
DOB: January 28th, 2016
Color: White - Extra Woolly Coat - Red Point
Eyes: Hazel/Gold
Registration:  AKC, CKC
Microchip: AKC Reunite

Fizzy - OMG I knew from the moment I laid eyes on this pup she was staying.  Her coat may be a bit of a booger to brush, and I absolutely hate the constant battle to keep her white, but this girl's awesome personality more than makes up for the extra effort.  She is the daughter of Tempest & Titan - from Tempest's final litter.  Fizzgig is the name of Akira's fuzzy doglike creature from the movie "The Dark Crystal." You may view her pedigree HERE. Click her pictures to see her babies.

Hells Hollow's She's Skeksi & She Knows It

Call Name:  Mystic

DOB: January 28th, 2016
Color: Red & White

Eyes: Hazel

Registration: AKC & CKC

Microchip:  AKC REUNITE

You may have already guessed, but Mystic is Fizzy's sister.  She is also a sweet little lady (and as you've probably already guessed, I am a sucker for red babies).  Mystic is quite an escape artist, and doesn't mind showing off her skills if she thinks we aren't paying her the homage she deserves.  You may view her pedigree HERE


Hells Hollow's Shot of Espresso

Call Name: Kahlua

DOB: March 31, 2015
Color: Black/Gray/White

Coat: Woolly

Eyes:  Brown

Registration:  CKC

Chip:  AKC Reunite

Parent's: Hells Hollow's All That Jazz & the late Hells Hollow's Highland Heather

This is our little lady Kahlua (not really so little).  She was originally sold as a pup, but was surrendered 2 weeks later through no fault of her own.  I hated to let go of her originally, and once I got her back, looked at the hubby and said she ain't going anywhere else.  Grooming can be a pain in the Spring and Fall, but I wouldn't trade her sweet personality for anything. View her pedigree.

"Um....no....I haven't been digging a hole.....noooooo....not me...."

Hells Hollow's Celtic Kelpie

Call Name:  Kelpie

DOB: December 13, 2012
Color: Black, Gray, & White
Eye Color: Blue
Registration: AKC, CKC

Kelpie is the daughter of Odin and Tempest.  She was just too stinking cute as a puppy to let go.  We are certainly glad that we kept her! She loves to pal around with her brother Link, and is growing up to be a knockout. Click here to view her pedigree. Click her picture to see her puppies! 

Hells Hollow's Dash of Ginger

  • Call Name:  Ginger
  • Bithday:  November 15, 2013
  • Color:  Red & White
  • Eye Color:  Blue
  • Registration:  AKC & CKC
  • Chip:  Home Again
Ginger is a beautiful lady who is beginning to closely resemble her mama Pepper, just a different color!  She enjoys talking and arguing with her sister Sage.  Her favorite things are digging all the water out of the pool and then rolling in the mud she's created.  Ginger is Odin and Pepper's daughter.  Ginger's pedigree can be viewed by clicking here.

Hells Hollow's Flying Solo

  • Call Name:  Uno
  • DOB: November 21, 2013
  • Color: Black, Gray, & White
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Registration: AKC, CKC
  • Parents: Tempest & our late Odin
  • Microchip:  AKC Reunite

Uno was a bit of a surprise.  After a pregnancy check with Tempest, we were told that she wasn't pregnant.  On my husband's birthday - surprise! Uno proved our vet wrong.  It is unusual to have only one puppy, but Uno thrived - how could she not with such a great mama and the whole "dairy" to herself.  Uno has a sweet disposition, but her favorite thing to do is play in the mud, making it sometimes difficult to get a nice clean picture of her!  Letting her go was never a question since she was my husband's birthday present, so she has spent all her days here with us! You can view her pedigree here

Wildhearts Lily Langtree

Call Name: Lily
DOB: February 11, 2013
Color: Copper & White
Eye Color: Bi-eyed (Left is blue, Right is gold)
Registration: AKC, CKC

Lily is a beautiful young lady, and we are happy to have gotten the opportunity to add her to our pack.  She is from Wildheart Siberians in Union, Mississippi.  She is a well proportioned, friendly, and just all around great girl! 

Hells Hollow's Whimsical Dreamer

Call Name:  Whimsy

DOB: December 22, 2012
Color: White with a black nose

Eye Color: Blue

Registration:  AKC, CKC

Whimsy is a beautiful girl.  We haven't had a white girl on the mountain for awhile, and when we found her, we wasted no time adding her to the pack.  She is an all around sweetheart.  Whimsy has grown up into a beautiful girl. She is always happy to lend a helping paw, whether it's running off with paintbrushes when we're painting doghouses, to taking control of the water hose when we're washing the car. You can view Whimsy's pedigree by clicking here.

Hells Hollow's Twist of Fate

Call Name:  Twister
Eyes:  Gold/Brown
Color:  White with black points
DOB: October 11, 2015
Registration:  CKC
Microchip:  AKC Reunite

This is Twister.  She is a sweet girl we just weren't able to let go.  She is a wonderful little girl, and I would have happily named her "Fart in a Whirlwind" if the CKC had allowed the word "fart" to be used.  Twister is the daughter of Ivy and Titan.  You may view her pedigree by clicking here

Hells Hollow's Into the Labyrinth

Call Name:  Onyx
Eyes: Brown
Color:  Agouti & White

DOB: November 20, 2016
Registration: AKC; CKC

Sometimes - we get a puppy we weren't expecting, and decide to hang onto for dear life.  That is what happened with little Miss Onyx.  She is a woolly coated agouti & white little lady, and she is just a D.O.L.L.  We are going to watch her grow up and see what life has in store for this little treasure.  

Hells Hollow's Song on Fire

  • Call Name:  Chica
  • Birthday:  May 20, 2018
  • Color:  Copper/White Dirty Faced
  • Eye Color:  Blue/Parti
  • Registration: AKC & CKC
  • Microchip:  AKC Reunite

This is Chica - she is a sweet young lady, and we think she may has what it takes to go into the show ring.  Time will tell, but in the mean time, we are enjoying working with her! 

Hells Hollow's Dash Of Sage

  • Call Name:  Sage
  • Birthday:  November 15, 2013
  • Color:  Agouti & White
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Registration:  AKC & CKC
  • Microchip:  Home Again 
Sage is a very talkative girl.  She talks so much that I have yet to be able to get a shot of her with her mouth shut!  We can't get a word in edgewise. Sage enjoys paling around with her sister Ginger.  Sage loves to play in the water, and has no qualms about jumping into the creek in an attempt to get all the water out of it.  Sage is Odin and Pepper's girl.  Sage's pedigree can be viewed by clicking here.  You can click her picture to view her puppies.  Sage has moved to a new home, and will be moved to a new page later when I have time to sit and edit the website for more than an hour. 

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