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FAQ's - for those who don't appreciate my long winded website. HA!

These are questions that I get asked All. The. Time.  I answer them within the website, but still get asked anyway.  I wait until I get asked a minimum of 5 times before I post to this page - so yes, I may seem just a bit frustrated on a few of these. I always tell my students that there's no such thing as a stupid question.  However, a few of these do seem to push the envelope a bit. 

"I have a female.  Do you provide stud service?"

Nope! I say this in other places on the website.  Sure, it sounds easy, and one of the boys gets to have a little fun on the side. Here's why I say no:
1. Unless you got your female dog from me, I will have to go over the female's pedigree and vet records to make sure she isn't related and evaluate her health first. 

2. I have to draw up a contract - yay more paperwork - ugh! I teach Special Education.  I am not a fan of paperwork. I already have enough.  

3. I have to assume all liability for your female while she's in heat - and I really do have enough bitches without having your grouch to deal with - and yes, she would have to come here for her sleepover.  My boys aren't going on a vacation. If you lost one of my boys I'd have to go all kinds of crazy on you.

4.  I would have to charge you at a minimum the cost of one puppy (what we charge) - so around $700 - $1500 depending on the male and the registry you want. I have enough dogs. I most likely don't want pick of your litter.

5.  You have a boy and want to breed one of my girls?  Seriously?  How 'bout NO.

6.  I just flat out don't want to do any of that.

"Are your dogs full blooded?"

Yes. Yes they are. They have pedigrees to back them up, and they are linked to each dog's write up.  If we bring one in and suspect that they aren't, or won't meet breed standard, they are fixed and adopted out - or - if I get attached, they get fixed and stay on as permanent pets. I am very picky about who we breed, and even if I've paid for a new stud or a new bitch, and invested in raising and loving them, I will still spay/neuter if it is needed. I refuse to "have just one litter" with a dog that doesn't meet standard just to make my money back.  That's not good practice, and will ultimately end up hurting the breed we love so much.

Also - when asking me this question....spelling matters.

"Are the available puppies on the available puppies page really available?"

YES.  I update that page constantly when we have puppies. I don't have time to make up imaginary ones.

"I want a male, but you told me the pup I like is a female. - OR - I want a female, but you told me the pup I like is a male.  Are you sure?"

Genders are posted with the puppy pictures.  I'm pretty sure that after a lifetime with dogs I know the difference between a "cooter" and a "pecker" (or for those of you unfamiliar with Southern slang - a vagina and a penis). 

I have no reason to lie about gender - and I think it's also sad that people think I would.

I'm sad I had to add this one.    

"I want a puppy but I don't want to fill out the puppy application."

Can't get the application to work?  Email me.  Give me your phone number - we'll talk over the phone.


On the puppy application? - because we want to get to know you a little bit to make sure you're likely a good fit for one.  At least I tried to make it fun.

"Does the deposit/hold fee come off the price of the puppy?"


"Will you hold a puppy without a deposit?"


"I have to see that puppy in person before I pay my deposit." 

Okay fine, but the puppy will remain available until you do, and I can't just drop everything to meet with you right then. We will have to arrange an appointment/meeting.  My husband and I work full time, so clear a day on a weekend - and AFTER vaccinations.

"Can I pay a deposit to hold that pup until we know eye color and then you refund it if they aren't blue?"

"No!"  (This one really bothers me)  I will not hold a puppy and keep him/her out of a potential home where eye color is not as important.  I don't breed for eye color because it isn't a breed standard, and we feel that all eye color variations are beautiful. If you have a human child and it comes out with brown eyes instead of blue are you going to return it to the hospital? "I'm sorry, my son isn't what I wanted, put him back in." 

If you want strictly blue eyes, that is your preference. It's your money.  If we have one, great, but these pups should not be judged based on eye color. I would be far more worried about the general health of the puppy instead. Like humans, they are all unique individuals.  I don't like to be questioned repeatedly about eye color- once or twice is okay, but not every single day. 

Actually had someone get offended when they asked me for the 15th time what color their puppy's eyes were going to be - that they hoped her eyes would stay blue, so I asked them - well if they don't, are you going to love her less? 

This is my biggest pet peeve.  If you want strictly blue eyes, We are not the breeder for you. 

It gets really old - and if I had a nickel for every time I've been asked that, I would have a much, much nicer house, be retired, and sipping coke ("pop" for northerners or "soda" if you're from the northwest) while servants wait on me hand and foot.

"Can you tell me what color the puppy's eyes are?"

Yes, I can tell you what they appear to be at that moment, but I won't guarantee the pup's eyes to stay that way if they are less than 5 weeks old. Most husky pups' eyes start off blue.  Be patient until they are 4 weeks old. If you are getting a Titan or Havock pup - they end up all colors, and I will not guarantee a blue eyed pup.  Since blue eyes aren't part of the breed standard, we don't worry too much about eye color. We just make sure they can see.

"What color eyes do you prefer?"

I don't have a preference - if I did, why would I have posted all that stuff? 
F/Y/I - most Siberian handlers at dog shows we attend prefer brown eyes.   

"I wanted a puppy for Christmas.  You don't have any?"

Nope!  I dislike having litters ready right at Christmas (plus it does happen to have a lot to do with heat cycles/timing) - but mainly because we don't like having to deal with people around the holidays that must have blue eyes no matter what - or in the one instance we did have puppies ready at Christmas one year (2008) we had to take back 4 out of 6 puppies because the new wore off by March. Not fun.  Not ideal for the puppies.  Pissed me off.  Didn't like it.  Have avoided it like the plague since.   It won't kill people to wait until January.  

"I want updated pictures now please.  It's been 2 whole days since I saw new pictures.  Part of the pictures are blurry, and I want new ones. I paid my deposit, so I want daily pictures."

We usually update once per week - sometimes more, sometimes less.  I have a full time job, my husband has a full time job.  My kids are pretty much grown and doing their own things, but still help when they are home and when they can.  

We try to update once per week.  I take a TON of pictures of each puppy.  No other breeder I have met takes as many as we do. Most pups have 200+ pictures by the time they are 8 weeks old.  Puppies move, puppies have a million other things to do than sit and pose.  I do what I can with a high speed shutter - we live in the middle of nowhere and do not have fast internet.  I devote a whole afternoon/evening to taking pictures, watermarking them, and then uploading them - don't like what I upload? That's okay, but I can't drop everything every evening to take you a new set of pictures. Don't like my pictures?  That's okay too, but over the years, what we do seems to work best for us, and we will continue to do it.

Be patient with me.  I am human and my electronics don't always cooperate.  

Funny how very few people like to send me updated pictures on how the pups are doing after they leave.  Having problems getting them to hold still too?  

"Why should I microchip?"

Because huskies roam.  Because huskies are pretty and get stolen.  Because if they do end up missing/stolen, you have a better chance of recovery.  Because if you don't, there is less than a 20% chance you will ever see your dog again.

We use AKC Reunite.  We like that you only have to pay for registration once for the life of the dog, and we know first hand that this company cares about these animals.  If you chip your dog and they can't contact you, they will contact the person/veterinarian who implanted it.  In this instance - me. 

All our puppies now come chipped because if they go missing, they deserve to be returned to people who love them.  It's included with the puppy along with lifetime support from AKC Reunite. 

We understand there are some that would prefer their dog not to be chipped.  Some say it's unnatural - I've even heard one person say it causes cancer.  If you do not want your puppy chipped, you must tell me prior to 4 weeks of age.  If you wait and complain that you didn't want the chip at pick-up, then that's all on you. I'm not going to go dig it back out.

I've marked my beasts for years with no trouble.  I will continue to do so, because in the event they do go missing, I would really like to have them back.

"The pup I want already has a deposit on it.  If I give you extra, will you let me get the puppy instead?"

Don't waste my time. Don't insult me, my intelligence, or think for one second that I will disappoint a family that is looking forward to getting the puppy they wanted and beat you to the punch. Tough.  Better luck next time. You will only succeed in pissing me off.  Just. Don't. Ask. Me.

"If I pay you extra money, can I pick up my puppy early?"

Do you seriously think your money is going to make that puppy grow any faster???

I can't believe I feel I have to post this one...sheesh.  My faith in the future of society is gone.

"I bet you make a lot of money doing this, don't you?"


I don't, but it seems like my veterinarians sure do - although they assure me that isn't the case either!

You figure in the cost of maintaining the adults with adequate food and appropriate vet care plus the cost of the puppies & their food & vet care, plus supplies.  It isn't cheap friends. 

Anybody that makes money doing this is probably cutting corners or charging way too much for regular families to afford a dog. 

"Now that the puppies have their eyes open, what's wrong with them? Are they cross eyed?"

No, the puppies are not cross-eyed.  Just like anything else with your body, they have to kind of "program" themselves.  They will face forward. Your eyes weren't focused when you were a newborn either. 

"What food do you feed your puppies?"

We feed Diamond Puppy.  It comes in a purple bag with pink trimming. Most Tractor Supply stores carry it.  You can do a store locator from their website: www.diamondpet.com.  

"My puppy's ears aren't standing or they were standing and now they've flopped over - is there something wrong?"

No.  Husky puppy ears can be standing the whole time, they can flop over, one ear can be up and one down, and then next week it's opposite ears.  Cartilage holds up your puppies' ears.  Sometimes the cartilage doesn't grow as fast as the ears it supports, and it takes a while for it to work up to standing.  Don't panic. Those ears will eventually stand. 

There is absolutely NO need to have these cute little pointed ears cropped.

"I didn't make an appointment to have my puppy checked by the 72 hour deadline, even though I knew ahead of time when I was getting my puppy. Now I can't get an appointment until after 72 hours. Is that okay?"

No, it isn't.  We give 72 hours because most puppies leave on a weekend.  You know your date in advance.  There is no reason you can't pick up the phone and call your vet to schedule it.  I say 72 hours on more than one area of the website.  If you didn't do it prior to pick-up and can't get an appointment afterwards, I won't bend the rules for just you. Sundays DO count!

For example.  You pick up your puppy on a Saturday - you MUST have said puppy examined within 72 hours - no later than Tuesday...If you wait until Wednesday, your puppy is AS IS.   

"Do I absolutely have to have my puppy checked out within 72 hours?"

No, however - this is directly from our Health Agreement:

"Purchaser must have a complete veterinary exam done on puppy at purchaser’s expense within 72 hours of purchase. A copy of the completed health exam/receipt from a licensed veterinarian must be mailed or emailed to us in order to validate the Health Agreement. Agreement is null and void if we do not receive copy of receipt dated within the first 72 hours after purchase & mailed or scanned & emailed no later than 1 week after purchase date. Failure to comply renders puppy AS/IS."

If you don't plan on following through - that is your choice.  I don't chase, and I don't send out reminders.  If you know you aren't going to do it, then don't make me waste my printer ink.

"I had my puppy seen within 72 hours, but I forgot to send you proof my puppy was seen. I've know I've had the puppy for over a month now but I forgot. Can I still send it?" 

From our health agreement:  Agreement is null and void if we do not receive copy of proof of vet visit dated within the first 72 hours after purchase & mailed or scanned & emailed no later than 1 week after purchase date. Failure to comply renders puppy AS IS."

That means - If I don't get a copy of the receipt within the 1st week, then your puppy is considered AS IS. That also means - you didn't follow through with your part of the agreement, and the agreement is now null and void. I can't help it if you "forgot."  

I'm not your mama, and I'm not going to remind you after pick-up.

Look folks, I don't do this to be mean - we give you 72 hours to have the puppy checked, more than most other breeders. We give you a whole week to get proof to us the pup has been seen.  It's not just to protect us, but to protect you too.  I discuss this at pick-up.  Generally, most everyone says something to the effect of "Yes ma'am, we have an appointment set up on _______ (insert date here)." Then I never hear from you again.  How hard is it to take a picture with your phone and text it our way?

"I don't want my new puppy to poop in my car.  Why don't you want them to have a potty stop at a rest area?"

We ask you not to simply because your new puppy is not protected enough against things like parvo and distemper after having had only one booster shot.  Public rest areas are a haven for things like that, because not everybody values their pooch and has them vaccinated.  Use common sense - if you don't want to go in a dirty toilet, why would they?  For proper immunity, puppies need at least 3 (three) booster shots given at proper intervals before you take them to public areas. 

Bring paper towels/towels/water/plastic bags/febreeze.  Roll the windows down.  The stink isn't that bad - and it washes. I do my best to encourage them to potty before they get in my car.  

"Two hours are too far to drive because I live in Atlanta, and I don't want to drive more than 10-15 minutes. Can you bring my dog all the way to me?"

We do not make home deliveries, and if you don't want to put that much effort in to getting the puppy, then I start having all kinds of issues with the kind of care said puppy is going to get.  Don't have a vehicle?  How are you going to get that puppy to the vet to continue timely vet checks/vaccinations?  How do I know I will be welcome at your private residence, that you won't whack me over the head and take off with the puppy?  No. Thank. You.

I have people that have driven all the way from New York, Connecticut, Baton Rouge, Montana, even Arizona, and many other places and haven't had a problem driving to get their puppy - so maybe it's those awesome people that are just making others look lazy. 

Telling me it's too far to drive more than two hours makes me think that maybe you should check out your local animal shelters.  I'm sure there's a good local dog in need of a home. 

If you haven't already seen the pick-up page, check it out for locations.  I try to make it as painless and self explanatory as possible.

"I have to drive a whole two hours, so will you knock some off the price?"


"I saw "so & so's" (insert breeder name here) puppies and I want one of theirs.  Can you help me get it?"

Seriously? - I have had some wackos that have asked me this.  

.....If this is you, then you just aren't the brightest crayon in the box, and I won't be sending one of mine home with you either. If I wouldn't approve you for a puppy, I certainly wouldn't vouch for you with another breeder if I don't know you.  

"You are a breeder, yet you are pro adoption?"

Is there a reason I shouldn't want every dog to have a loving home?  I don't understand why I shouldn't feel that way? Siberians aren't for everyone, and all dogs need a family. Afraid of getting a puppy?  Start off with an adult.  If I didn't care, then I wouldn't take in rescues - however, that doesn't mean I want everyone to start giving me theirs! 

"Why do you have AKC and CKC registered dogs?"

To make a long story short, when we got started, at the time, all I could find was a CKC registered stud. Gremlin's breeder became one of my best friends.  That dog had a gruff heart of gold wrapped in grumbling & grousing inside a copper/white coat, and I wouldn't have traded having him in my life for all the money in the world. In the end - registration is just a piece of paper that helps prove you own a particular puppy/dog.  It truly doesn't matter unless you are going to show your puppy/dog.

"I see you now have some UKC registered dogs.  Why?"

Showing in the conformation ring is the main reason, but in dealing with UKC staff, we were very pleasantly surprised with how awesome those people are.  

"Which registry do you prefer?"

The dog(s) that we show are AKC & UKC registered.  We aren't anywhere near a place (that I know of) that do CKC sanctioned shows.  

The better question to ask me is who I like dealing with better.  To be blunt, I've always seemed to get the hateful person at the end of the line when I speak with someone from the AKC, and many times they have had the attitude of "you shouldn't be calling us."  They come across as snobbish and arrogant every single time.  

I have ALWAYS been treated with respect with anybody I have spoke with from the CKC, and I have always appreciated how helpful they are. However, they are now allowing registration of doodles (any doodles) and we will no longer register new litters with the CKC. I hate sounding snobbish, but I don't want to support any registry that will paper a mutt. 

Say it with me... Labradoodle/Goldendoodle = MUTT.  Why do people pay thousands for a mutt?  There is no such thing as a total hypoallergenic dog, so don't let that draw you in.  

"I'm looking at a puppy from a different breeder, and they say the puppy has Champions starting in the 6th and 7th generation....so that means better, right?"

That 7th generation is that puppy's great, great, great, great, great grandma or grandpa.

Let me put that in perspective: That's like me bragging that my great, great, great, great, great grandpa won a prize back in 1683. Okay - how have later generations made their mark?? - have they actually won anything??  No??  

"I only want an AKC registered dog because the AKC requires health testing."

I spoke with a lady in August 2018 that told me that the AKC requires health checks and that's why she only buys AKC puppies.  She didn't like a truthful answer (and I have said this more than once) - so here's the answer:

The AKC ONLY requires DNA testing of a frequently used sire to ensure the bloodlines of the puppies at this time.  It doesn't have anything to do with health checks.  Those are at the discretion of the individual owners and breeders. 

I paid $300 for Kash's hips/elbows x-rays to send the results to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals).  I paid the OFA a separate fee to look at the x-rays. I paid a certified vet opthamologist to check Kash's and Aero's eyes. The AKC did not require it.  I MAILED the AKC Kash's results from the OFA so that it could be printed on any future AKC certificates.  None of that was required by the AKC.  So if you think that's true, you are mistaken.  You are welcome to check with the AKC's webpage.

"I filled out my puppy application, but you didn't email me back.  Did you not approve me? Why?"

Sometimes, I honestly don't see them. We are now using google docs.  I usually get at least two emailed alerts when someone successfully submits one but not always. 

I generally email back within 24 hours - I really am quick about it.  If you'd prefer me to call initially - I take longer.  If I'm teaching in the middle of the day and then I come home to love on all my furry children, help my human children with homework, and do normal people stuff, I don't get done until after 9, and I won't call people that late unless they specify that's okay.

I also have a couple of questions on the applications that are automatic no's based on your answers.  I will not say which ones, because that would be cheating, but I bet if you were telling the truth when you state on there you've read through the website, you'll know which ones they are.  I really do care about my furry kiddos and where they go. 

If you feel you are definitely a great home and have filled out an application and I haven't responded, email me @ bluewolffire@hotmail.com and call my attention to you.  If I didn't like your application, the worst I can say is "no," right?

"You are pretty picky, aren't you?"

Yes.  Yes I am.  The saying ~ "They paid for it, they'll take care of it." is not always true.  We've seen it first hand.  We don't spend the time, effort, love, and all for those pups to be discarded. 

"I don't want my dog any more./The dog ate my couch and now he/she has to go./Circumstances have changed and we can't keep our dog any more. Will you buy him/her back?"

We let all our puppies go to their new homes based on the assumption they are in their forever homes.  Sometimes something happens and the dog needs rehomed. People lose jobs.  Divorces happen.  People die. (had that happen once)  People decide they can't handle the dog less than 24 hours after they get their puppy (sad but true). (This is why I always say you need to be 200% sure before you get one.)

I say this in other places on the website:  We will ALWAYS take our dogs back no matter their age, but we will not reimburse anybody the cost they paid.  All sales are considered final the minute you put that puppy in your car.

If you need to re-home your dog, we do understand that it is your right to sell him/her or give him/her to another person.  We don't police you, but as we are straight up with you when you get that puppy in the first place, we do ask that you let us know the dog has been re-homed, especially because that puppy has been microchipped so we can help you get everything transferred.  If nothing else, at least give the new person or family my contact info. If you don't, and that dog ends up at animal control and I am contacted since I implanted the microchip, don't get all high and mighty with me when I contact you trying to get the dog back to the home I originally sold him/her to. (Had that happen too!) Everything we do is in the best interest of our furry kids. Don't get pissy with me for not knowing - I'm likely to get pissy back. 

If you choose to return him/her to us, you need to email me. I'm not going to lie and say it's always convenient for us, because it isn't. We do have our permanent pups, work, and our teenagers and what they're involved in, dog shows, and other miscellaneous things that may be taking place at the time, and I may not be able to drop everything when you're needing us to take in the dog right now that minute. You may have to wait a day or two or even a week before we can arrange to meet you. We will ask you for a copy of his/her vet records so if our vet has any questions they can contact your vet.  Once we get the dog back, we will assess the dog based on his/her behaviors and general condition and most of the time, we will eventually decide whether to sell or adopt him/her back out. You are welcome to email us and check on him/her, but we reserve the right to not disclose the final disposition of the dog.  You have no right to be mad at us for re-homing him/her if this is the case - you give him/her back to us and transfer all rights and interests. The dog becomes ours again, and we will ALWAYS do what we feel is best for the individual dog - not what is best for your feelings.

"I noticed you have a bad review out there - why?"

I had a girl several years ago fill out a puppy application. She picked a puppy and placed a deposit.  She had a question about pedigrees - instead of asking me, she went to a public forum and asked for "popular opinion."  That wasn't what made me mad - although I'm a bit old fashioned and think that if you have a question, you should ask me directly.  What made me mad was that she had said on that forum that she wasn't going to just "leave him there."  That implied to me that she felt my babies weren't being taken care of properly.  That made me mad - PLUS after reading the thread, I found out she had lied about where she was living.  I dislike liars, and I knew from that point on that I would no longer be comfortable letting her get my baby.  I refunded her deposit and put the puppy back up for sale.  So long story short, she got back on there and blasted me - and because there are a lot of followers out there that went along with it, it got pretty lengthy.  The people on there who judged me have never spoken with me, just went along with what she said.

Big deal.  The puppy is now living a MUCH better life than he would have otherwise.  I stand by my decision.

09/05/17 - Well, what do you know - the FAQ page ended up being long winded too!