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AKC & CKC Siberian Huskies

Your pets are the only family members you get to choose, so choose wisely!

Newest Arrivals

See the pictures posted below.  We have several 11+ week old puppies available that are ready to go now! 

I normally never do a "sale" - however, all REASONABLE offers will be considered for any of the males in Whimsy's and Kahlua's litters.  (No one will leave with papers for less than $600 however.)  If you opt for no papers, the pup will leave with a neuter contract.

There are NO other breedings planned at this time.  


You may have already noticed, but our images are watermarked to prevent scammers from stealing and using them to con people.  If you want to see a picture without the watermark, you are welcome to email. 

We take TONS of pictures of each puppy - we average 16 or more pictures per week of each and every one.  I do not have enough storage on the website to upload them all.  If you see one you want more pictures of, please email me at bluewolffire@hotmail.com, and I will be more than happy to share them - but we do ask that if you are chomping at the bit for your weekly pictures, please be patient! 

As of June 1st, 2017, ALL puppies will leave microchipped through AKC Reunite regardless of registry.  Your puppy will be covered by their services for his/her entire life.  Should you not want your puppy chipped for religious purposes, you will need to let me know prior to 4 weeks of age. 

Filled out the puppy application? See one you want? Want to make a deposit? Read this page - Payment Details

No puppy application = no health agreement & must be filled out prior to deposit. 

The Puppy Deposit page is password protected.  If approved for a puppy, we will give you the info to get into that page to make the deposit. 

We raise and spoil the babies until they are a minimum of 8 weeks old.

We feel that the additional weeks spent with their mother and siblings are vital to their continued development physically, socially, and behaviorally.  Most mothers do not stop spending time with them once they are 6 weeks old, and they are still learning from her. 

In Georgia, puppies cannot be placed in their homes until they are a minimum of 8 weeks old. We will not let them go even a day earlier, sorry!

****Puppies are to be picked up at 8-9 weeks of age. Arrangements must be made at the time of deposit if we need to hold on to your puppy for longer.  We will not hold any puppy longer than 12 weeks of age, and new owners will be assessed a kennel fee of $10 per day beginning the day after the puppy turns 9 weeks old, and $15 for each additional booster shot.****

*****If we attempt to set up a meeting time/place with you to pick up your puppy and you don't answer us after 3 attempts, we will re-list the puppy and your deposit is forfeit. While we are understanding about some situations and circumstances, we will accept no less than open communication.*****


Special Note:  AKC registered pups are $1000 with full rights (breeding and show) to approved homes.
AKC/CKC dual registered pups are $850 - AKC is limited at this price (no AKC breeding or show rights).
CKC registered only pups are $700.

A holding fee/deposit is required if you want a particular puppy.  I will not hold a puppy based on anyone's "word." After waiting list people have chosen, all puppies are first come, first served.  

We do NOT negotiate our prices

We feel our prices are reasonable and fair considering all that we do for our babies while they are in our care, so do not ask me to negotiate.  I will throw out your email/application if you do.  Our prices are based on how much it costs to raise a litter - including quality food, time, and vet costs. If you don't like our prices, you are welcome to look elsewhere.  Thanks!

*Once availability is posted on a litter, they are available on a first come, first served basis.  I do not hold the puppies for you to "wait and see the eye color," or "talk it over with the husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend." That decision should be made before you ever contact me. 


We frequently have more than one person interested in the same puppy at the same time, so if you take your time getting your deposit in, you could miss out. 

We are not a petting zoo!

While I don't mind our new families visiting their puppies, I get tons of requests from people who just want to come and play with them.  I don't have that kind of time. 

Due to events from a couple of years ago, puppy visits are now taking place AFTER vaccinations.  As a courtesy to us, don't pester me to come and see my puppies after you have been at someone else's kennel or looking at someone else's litter.  Illness is spread in this manner. 

Have a question or two that you'd like answered before you decide to email?  I've compiled the most popular questions and answered them on this page:  Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Registration Application from either the AKC or CKC or both if we dual register the litter.
2.  Shot/Worm record detailing which vaccination and what wormer and when it was given.
3.  Microchip from AKC Reunite: Already implanted
4, Sample of their puppy food (Diamond Puppy)
5. 3 or so toys that smell like their mama and our home to ease their transition.

***We are running a behind on pictures. (If it weren't for bad luck, we'd have none at all, right?) Maple knocked my laptop off the table, which resulted in a loss of the computer & ability to upload from the camera, all the kids are in college, AND my work schedule has changed.  Scrubbing puppies up for pictures isn't something I can drop everything and do at the moment alone. I cannot edit the website from my phone, and I have to sneak a moment here & there when I can at work. That is difficult considering my students. *** 

Lily/Titan - AKC/CKC

Our sweet Lily, (after a split heat) & who happens to be one of the best mamas ever, decided to surprise us!  On May 20, 2018, she blessed us with these 5 cuties.  They will come with our standard puppy pack which includes their registration application(s), shot/worm record, receipt as proof of vet check before they leave, a sample of their puppy food (Diamond Puppy), and a few toys that smell like mama and our home.  They will be microchipped and have at least one booster shot before they are allowed to leave. Neither of the females are currently available, as we are looking at them closely for possible show prospects. 

  • 7/2/18
  • 7/2/18
  • 6-20-18
  • 6-20-18

Kuzco - Male - Light Red/White - AVAILABLE - $800 pet

Whimsy/Titan litter - CKC registered

Whimsy had these 5 cuties on June 1st, 2018.  They are a beautiful bunch of pups, and we are certainly happy to have them here with us this summer.  They, like all our other puppies, will be wormed, have at least their 1st booster shot, vet checked, and microchipped before they leave.  We will provide you with proof of vet visit, shot/worm record, CKC registration application, sample of their puppy food, and a few toys that smell like Whimsy to take with them.  Please fill out a puppy application if you are interested. These little ones will be ready to leave on July 27th.

*We have done a little something different.  We have linked their individual pictures to their onedrive file so you can see ALL the pictures we've taken of them as they are growing.  Click their pictures to see more of them.

Hoggle - White Male - Brown Eyes - AVAILABLE - $600 - Hogs is very sweet and has a great sense of humor.  

Toby - Male - White - Warm Chocolate Brown Eyes - AVAILABLE - $600
Toby is a sweet little dude who's current hobbies include rolling in dirt at every opportunity. 

Sir Didymus - Male - White - Brown Eyes - Plush - AVAILABLE - $600
No, you aren't seeing double - Whismy had twins! I had to microchip these two early in order to tell them apart myself!

Kahlua's Babies - CKC

Kahlua had these babies on Father's Day with Stryker.  She had 7.  A few have already left, and I haven't had a moment to get them posted until now.  All of these cuties have passed their vet check and are ready for their new homes.  

Hero - woolly white male - Brown Eyes - Available - $600 

Hunter - woolly white male - brown eyes - AVAILABLE - $600

Rocket - Male (will be plush to woolly) - Bi eyed - AVAILABLE - $600

Other Misc. Info...

Please also read our Bringing Home Siberian Husky page for helpful tips in making your puppy's transition from our house to yours a smooth one. I am a teacher in my spare time, so if you answer some of the puppy application questions wrong, I will know.

We do not breed for eye color.  All eye colors and combinations thereof are accepted by all dog registries, and do not determine the personality of any Siberian Husky.  Eye color is up to God and genetics.  We will not hold any puppy without a deposit for you to "wait and see," and deposits are non-refundable. 

We feel you should be more concerned with the health of your puppy, not what color his or her eyes are.  If you only want one because they have blue eyes, please take some time to do more research on the breed.  If you feel you can only love one based on eye color, please keep looking.

What's the difference between the AKC & CKC? Read about it by clicking here.

When we have puppies, I update the website almost DAILY. If you see a puppy that says available under their picture, he or she is most likely available.  I change the puppies' status when they are no longer available as quickly as possible. 

Waiting Lists ~

Scroll down to check out our upcoming breedings.  They are subject to change.

Not ready for a puppy now, but will be soon?  Do we not have what you are hoping for at this time?  Want to make sure you have the opportunity to get a puppy with the colors/genders/registration you have in mind?

The waiting list is currently closed.

We have revamped our waiting list - check it out here!

Planned Breedings

We are constantly trying to enhance our breeding program...therefore, we reserve the right to first pick on all our litters. That doesn't necessarily mean we keep one out of every litter, just that we will be looking at all litters very closely. 

Side note - not every breeding results in a pregnancy - most of the time it does, but sometimes it doesn't! 

These breedings are also subject to change.