Hells Hollow Huskies

AKC & UKC Siberian Huskies

What's the Difference Between AKC & CKC?

Here at Hells Hollow Huskies, we are more concerned with the quality of our dogs and whether or not they meet breed standards for use in our breeding program than whether they are AKC or CKC registered. The temperament & quality of the offspring is much more important to us. However, we get this question many times, so we're going to try to clear it up the best we can. 

First & foremost:  Both the AKC and CKC are voluntary registries.  There is no law anywhere that says that dogs must be registered this way or that.  There are other registries out there like APRI & UKC that register full blooded dogs also.  We have chosen to register our dogs with only the AKC & CKC.  This is our preference.  


  • The AKC (American Kennel Club) is the oldest dog registry in the United States, and as such they are the most well-known. 
  • They set the breed standard for many of the breeds we see today - (Siberian Husky breed standards were set by the Siberian Husky Club of America). 
  • If you plan on showing your dog in shows, then this is the registry your dog needs to belong to. 
  • The AKC recognizes FULL BLOODED offspring ONLY. 
  • Breeders can limit the registration of their puppies IF they feel they should, which will prohibit the future offspring of that dog from being AKC registered.
  • If you breed over 4 litters in a calendar year, you can be inspected.
  • The AKC requires paperwork & vet records be kept current & every dog that has passed through your hands MUST be accounted for. (THIS IS A GOOD THING  )
  • DNA registry is REQUIRED on males that sire 3 litters in a calendar year or 7 litters in a lifetime.  (THIS IS ALSO A GOOD THING)
  • You can have an AKC registered dog and live in other countries. (Like Canada for instance)
  • The AKC does not recognize CKC registered dogs.


  • The CKC (Continental Kennel Club) has not been around as long.
  • The CKC adheres to the accepted breed standards of the AKC and other breed specific organizations.
  • The CKC registers FULL BLOODED breeds, and "full-blooded" is clearly stated on their paperwork.
  • The CKC does also recognize the designer breeds like Yorkipoos & Golden Doodles, however, you would receive paperwork saying that the offspring is half-blooded.  (THE AKC DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THIS PRACTICE)
  • The CKC is limited to specifically in the United States at this time. 
  • The CKC does not inspect breeders unless the breeders themselves pay the yearly fee. 
  • The CKC does not hold dog shows that are nationally acclaimed like the AKC.
  • The CKC's registration fees are generally lower than the AKC - with the exception of the pedigree fee.
  • The CKC will recognize AKC registered dogs, and it is possible to have your dog double registered. (but they have to be AKC registered first!)
  • Keeping up with CKC litter paperwork seems to be at the discretion of the breeder. 

Who do we prefer using?  We like them both. 
Do we keep up with our records on all our babies whether AKC or CKC registered?  YOU BETCHA!
Who do we recommend?  We feel that is your personal preference.  Just because you purchase a dog somewhere (any dog) that has AKC papers does not always mean you are getting a quality bred, healthy puppy.  

All our dogs are quality Siberians, and we take pride in them as family, not as a registry.  Rest assured that all our breeding dogs are quality, full-blooded Siberians, and most have pedigrees to back them up.  That's why there are links to view their pedigrees above their pictures. 

Hells Hollow Huskies is in good standing with both organizations, and we plan on keeping that way!