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Nothin' butt huskies!

We are proud to Register with both the AKC & CKC. We are also proud to be a member of the Tennessee Valley Kennel Club.  

About Us

We are a small family breeder of Siberian Huskies.  We have been owned by this wonderful breed since 2002, (Although we also have a Golden Retriever, 2 Basset hounds, and a P.W. Corgi that looks like a lil' smoky sausage to round out our pack - all spayed & neutered).  We have selected our breeding dogs very carefully for their attributes to the breed and their personality. We breed for quality Siberians that promise to further the breed, and only breed our dogs when we are looking to keep a pup that may exhibit genetic traits we are looking for within our pack. We have both the standard "show" stocky built dogs as well as the "working lines" (working lines are streamlined and longer). Our dogs are loved daily, and although we live out in the country, we do not let our dogs have free range for their own safety.  They are exercised daily rain or shine.  Our dogs live in large runs with plenty of room to stretch their legs when they are not out exploring the woods with us. WE ARE BREED SPECIFIC - meaning Siberians are the only breed we raise.  We do not believe in "line breeding" (another word for inbreeding), although it is condoned by both the AKC & CKC and other dog organizations.  Our dogs also regularly see their veterinarians, who combined have almost 200 years of experience. 

From time to time, we rescue huskies in need.  We also take select dogs from our pack to schools in our area to help educate children on pet care and the needs of specific breeds.  We have been in 4 elementary schools, 2 pre-schools, and 3 middle schools.  All our Siberians were extremely well behaved, and welcomed all the additional people loving on them and telling them how beautiful they are. These guys are our passion, and we love them very much.  

ALL of our puppies come pre-loved and pre-spoiled.  All our dogs are part of the family, which means we take GREAT CARE in determining who gets our babies. Our puppies are treated extra-special, and they spend their puppyhood here being handled, loved on, and treated as an important individual members of the family.  They are socialized by all members of our family, not just one person.  Our parents are all on site, and we DO NOT stud out our males. The last thing we want is for ours (or anyone's) dog to wind up in a shelter. (Many times Siberians are not adopted and put to sleep!) If for some reason you cannot keep the puppy, we will gladly take our babies back home with us.  Please keep in mind, however, you will not receive a refund.

We do not allow visitors when we have newborn puppies. We do this to keep the stress level of the mothers to a minimum.  For example:  How would you feel if you were at home and a stranger came in and picked up your own child?  How do you think a protective mother of newborns will react? Would you take your own newborn baby to Walmart and let everyone there hold him/her?  Use common sense here...

No offense intended, it's just that we don't know where you've been and what you may have been exposed to. The last family that visited our home failed to tell us they had been to another kennel before ours, and we ended up with an ENTIRE litter that came down with Parvo.  Not only did this family's unknowing actions cost us a fortune in veterinary expenses, they also cost the lives of several of our precious babies and the emotional turmoil of worrying about them.  So if you demand to see the puppies before you place your deposit, you are going to have to wait until they have had at least one booster shot AND you will NOT be coming to our home to view them.  If you don't like that I am anal retentive and place my puppies' health above everyone else's wants and needs including my own, then feel free to keep looking.

Once the puppies have been vaccinated, we will schedule to MEET you at a neutral location.  You will be asked to use hand sanitizer before and after handling puppies. If you have any questions or would like to see photos of where our dogs live beforehand, let us know.  We will be happy to accommodate you.  If you would like to pick out your puppy, let us know, and we will set up an appointment for you to meet at everyone's convenience.  However, NO puppy leaves until 8-9 weeks old.

I don't care what most "good breeder" books say about letting you view the puppies at their home.  Screw that.  They didn't have to pay my $4400 vet bill, buy out 3 Dollar General Stores for cleaning supplies, and ultimately loose priceless lives of puppies because some other kennel didn't take care of their dogs and stupid people didn't inform me they had been elsewhere first.  

If you'd like references on us or our dogs, you are welcome to contact both veterinary offices we use.  

Almost every picture on our website bears our watermark to prevent scammers from taking our pictures and using them to aid their schemes. 

About Our Online Pedigrees

Yes, To the best of our knowledge, all our Siberians are full blooded and have pedigrees to back them up.  We use a website called www.pawvillage.com as a free service to our visitors.  This website is a great way to go back more than the 3-5 generations than the paperwork ordered from the AKC & CKC does.  Getting hard copies of a particular dog's pedigrees is expensive. (Over $30 per dog - AKC research pedigrees are $34!) Pawvillage is checked for accuracy regularly.  Sometimes though, there can be gaps in lineage on this website.  That does not mean that there's a gap in the genetic line, it merely means that a particular dog has not been entered into their online database, and no one has spent $30 to order the pedigree in order to keep filling out for pawvillage. However, should you want to find out a particular dog's parents or grandparents, or great great great grandparents, we suggest that you contact the CKC or AKC (depending on the registry), and order a pedigree to find out. Pawvillage is a great tool, and we think it is a great way for you to see the lineage of our dogs without having to pay $30 per dog to find out.  Some of our dogs we have been able to trace back over 100 years. We have hard copies of all our AKC registered dogs' pedigrees, and some of our CKC's. If you choose to get one of our puppies, we will gladly photocopy the parent's pedigrees upon request and include it with your puppy kit. 

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