Hells Hollow Huskies

AKC & UKC Siberian Huskies

Taiga's Babies

Taiga was bred to Loki in April of 2007.  Her 1st litter was born June 5, 2007.  She threw red and white splash coats and one black and white splash coat.  Taiga proved herself to be a fabulous mother, and we are very proud of her.  Everyone found a great home, but we sure do wish they'd send us updated pictures.  We like to know how our babies turned out.

Miley(Taiga and Loki)...SOLD to Ashley N. of Siberian Royalty

Luke (Taiga and Loki)...SOLD to Jaime G. in LaGrange, GA.

Tessa (Taiga and Loki)...SOLD to Ashley P. in Millegdeville, GA

Pork Chop(Taiga and Loki)....SOLD to Clyde in Carnesville, GA

Czar (Taiga and Loki)...SOLD to Seth in Jasper, GA

Shay (Taiga and Loki)...SOLD to Channon in Ranger, NC