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Blue Eyes Vs. Brown Eyes


Due to being asked this same question at least 30 times a litter, we feel the need to publish the following information on husky eye color.

As it states on our home page and multiple other pages, we do not breed for eye color.  All eye colors and combinations thereof are accepted by all purebred dog registries and do not determine the personalities of the Siberian Husky.  Each husky is unique and usually their eyes will reflect that whether or not their eyes are blue, brown, green, gold, or a mixture of colors. 

Breeders use the term "bi-eyed" to describe a husky that has a blue eye and a brown eye.

Breeders use the term "parti-eyed" to describe husky that has more than one color in each eye.

We have watched our blue eyed babies and our brown eyed babies grow up and this is what we've learned about the differences in eye color: This is not scientific - just from our experiences.

Brown and Blue are both co-dominant traits.  Either color can show up, even if both parents have blue or brown eyes.  Both colors can also show up in the same eyes. 

Blue eyed huskies tend to squint a lot.  If they are in an area with a lot of sun, like here in Georgia, they do not open their eyes as wide, which results in many people thinking they are bad tempered dogs. It has been our experience that blue eyed dogs are also more prone to cataracts at earlier ages than brown eyed dogs.  There is little pigment in their eyes to absorb the light entering their eyes, and often appear with red eyes in photographs. We do understand that most huskies shown on television have blue eyes.  We understand that this is part of what makes them attractive to people. This breed is not for people who think that huskies are bred for fashion. 

Brown eyed huskies do not squint in the sun as much.  Their eyes have more pigment that absorb the light, and we feel that while it may not enhance their vision, it does help them see better in bright sunlight.  Their eyes are not normally as prone to cataracts until they are senior citizens, and generally have less problems with conjunctivitis (pink eye).

When you are looking for puppies, please keep in mind that puppies do not open their eyes until they are 2 weeks old.  Also keep in mind that huskies are usually born with blue eyes, and their eyes can and will change color until they are at least 5 - 8 weeks old.  If you want blue eyes from us, please understand that we will only make our best possible educated guess on eye color and will not guarantee the definite color until they reach 5 weeks old. (6 weeks for Tacoma's puppies) We will not hold a puppy without a deposit just for you to wait and see. 

We never cease to be constantly amazed/frustrated by people wanting blue eyes. We admit we do not enjoy the people who email us and try to order a puppy with blue eyes like we are a restaurant. This is not a "Have it your way" situation. God gives the puppies the eye colors HE wants them to have.  We have no control over it down here. How often do people stress over the eye colors of their human children? Seriously? If you feel you could only love a blue eyed dog, then I'm probably not the breeder for you. If I had a dollar for everyone who says they want blue eyes, everyone here could have their own palace!

Personally, we here at Hells Hollow Huskies like all the color combinations.  As long as the dog has full range of vision, we are happy.  Eye color does not change the fact that they are huskies; they all have the power to melt your heart and leave a permanent impression upon your life.

Our bottom-line advice: When choosing a siberian for your new companion, look more at the overall health of the puppy as well as personality, and stress less over the eye color.  You will be glad you did.

***Eyes pictured on this page are from our own huskies...Shade, Tacoma, Sprite, and Midnight.***

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