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All money fixing, feeding, and maintaining the Siberians I rescue comes out of my own pocket, and are now done on a case by case if they weren't from here originally. As always, our own are always welcome to come back home. I have had to come to the sad realization that I am getting OLD.  


ALL OLDER PUPS/DOGS HAVE AN ADOPTION FEE - which is equal to the expense of having them spayed/neutered and their vaccinations. 


I say on our "about us" page that from time to time we take in rescues on a case by case basis.  Well, we have taken in a mama husky in July 2017.  The mama started losing puppies (she started with 7), and the owner couldn't handle what was happening emotionally or financially and contacted us. "I got her because she looked like a direwolf off of Game of Thrones, and I bred her because I wanted to make a little money. It was supposed to be fun, but it's just too much. Please help me." (She still had 3 when we came into the picture.) Sad to say that 5 of the little ones didn't make it. (Not sure why- Doc called them "faders.") 

To make a long story short, I also got papers on mom and the right to register the puppies.  Upon initial observation, I could see that at the very young age of 2 she already has cataracts in both eyes.  She never should have been bred in the first place.

Arya's little lady found a great home.  We hope to find a great home for her mama. 

Arya - $200 adoption fee to cover getting her vaccinations caught up and spayed. 


None at this time

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