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All money fixing, feeding, and maintaining the Siberians I rescue comes out of my own pocket, and are now done on a case by case if they weren't from here originally. As always, our own are always welcome to come back home. I have had to come to the sad realization that I am getting OLD.  


ALL OLDER PUPS/DOGS HAVE AN ADOPTION FEE - which is equal to the expense of having them spayed/neutered and their vaccinations. 


Usually, we only do huskies, but this little lady showed up and never left  We have dubbed her "Doodle" because she looks like a bunch of dogs someone drew together.  She is a fiest mix from our best guess.  She is as big as she's going to get at about 20 pounds (a real lightweight compared to the rest of the pack).  She is smart, somewhat sneaky, opportunistic (meaning don't leave your sandwich within her reach), and would be a wonderful little squirrel hunting dog.  She has been spayed, is crate trained, housebroken, and will go to her crate when you say "crate."  She is up to date on all vaccines until next December.  We guesstimate she is not yet a year old. She gets along good with other dogs and cats, and loves kids.

Her main downside is that she likes to chase chickens, so if you have any nearby, then she probably shouldn't go to your house. 

We are asking a $50 adoption fee.  You will receive a copy of her vet records. 

Picture coming soon.  


Electra - Bennett's Stoke the Fire

Electra, aka Kindle, is a wonderful girl.  She is housebroken, loves kids, and is a sweetheart.  She has historically been okay with our cats, but not chickens & turkeys.  She is currently 5.  Her birthday is May 20, 2013.  She is spayed and UTD on all vaccines until July 2019.  $75 adoption fee.

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